Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Behind the Name

You might wonder how we came up with the name 48 Legs in Casa Grande! The story behind the name is that there are two humans which equal 4 legs, 3 dogs which equal 12 legs, 6 cats which equal 24 legs, and two thoroughbred horses which equal 8 legs for a grand total of 48 legs and we all live in Casa Grande, Arizona! Thus, the name 48 Legs in Casa Grande! I know, I know, ingenious!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Great Escape Artist

Amber has done it again! With her skills of escaping, Amber was placed in maximum security at her house - this meaning that she was not only inside her fenced yard, she was inside of smaller fenced "kennel" area in the neighbors yard, AND Amber now has to wear a shock collar that is supposed to deter her from escaping from the smaller fenced area. What is unknown is just HOW Amber escaped from her maximum security compound and showed up at the gate in the small fenced area in OUR front yard at around 4pm this afternoon! Needless to say, Amber is now hanging out with her buddy's Panda Bear,Wilbur, and Maisie Lu until her parents get home from work tonight.

Tricky Lu's Devils Dominate in Week 2 in Alex's 09 Fantasy Football League

I could not just quietly sit by and NOT say anything about the dominating victory of 130-64 in Fantasy Football by Tricky Lu's Devils this past weekend in Alex's 09 Fantasy Football League! After a huge victory over the Redbirds, Tricky Lu's Devils are now in first place in the division AND in the league. Tricky Lu's Devils are now 2-0, next week, Tricky Lu's Devils take on the Nerfherders who are in second place in the same division and plans to take the Tricky Lu's Devils to 3-0!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puppy Sitting

This weekend we are puppy sitting for our neighbors!  Amber is about six months old, we think, and is quite the escape artist; Amber is staying at our house because she keeps JUMPING and launching herself over the driveway gate at her house, (she now is tied-up in her yard during the day while her family is at work, and school), so instead of being tied-up all weekend at her house, we brought her to our house.

Having three dogs of our own, we thought this would be an easy task. Boy...we were in for quite an awakening! Panda Bear and Wilbur thought it was great to have a new toy who runs around and plays with them - Maisie Lu could care less about her! Needless to say, we had a thundering herd of dogs running crazily through the house!

Amber is a BEAGLE, you know the kind of dog that typically does NOT jump. Because she has three other dogs to play with at our house she is always entertained and does not try to escape! The next 24-hours should be interesting!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Match-Race of Our Lifetime

People are clamoring for a showdown - a match-race - between to two top female thoroughbreds - Zenyatta, the undefeated 5-year old mare & Rachel Alexandra, the undefeated 3-year old filly. Zenyatta has never run against the boys...Rachel Alexandra has beat them all...will we see a match-race between the two champions to find out just who is the best?

Click here to read the article

Secratariat Movie Update

Well, I am thinking that my Rocky probably did NOT get one of the roles for the upcoming Secretariat movie as we have not heard a peep from anyone.

However, we are still trying to remain positive because one would think that we would get some type of notification stating he did NOT receive the role...

Keep hope alive!